Wing Mirror

“This is going to take long, to reach the outskirts, to escape my past”, Ria thought. Driving down 150 miles was not thrilling as much the uncertainty of destination. “No other go. I have to flee. A new start”, she reminded herself. Stowing her luggage into the boot, she started her car. Waving her a warm goodbye they saw her drive away as slower as she could. They knew it is difficult for her and for them too. Ria had to survive this life threat. A throwback plays on her mind as she views her squad in wing mirror. They stayed there waving at her with tears and smiles. “How blessed am I to get them in my life? ” she thought. She could see them one by one departing through the mirror. With them she left behind her smile, memories and a life she can never imagine again.

She searched for Ray and there he stood still waving. How much she wished to say him the way she felt for him? Now everything is buried in the edge of her throat. She saw him depart, with him her love, soul and happiness. “I can’t bear this anymore”, Ria sighed. She wanted to stop the car to ease her hammering heart but not wishing to see her break down the accelerator felt a high pressure. “It’s going to be beautiful back home” Ria enjoyed the comfort the words gave saying to herself fully unaware what home meant. She should search for a house though.


Taking a deep breathe she viewed the lone road, the meadows and a black car trialing her. She gave way to the car so as to still linger in the memories of this town. A place where war was a not a word but now a dictionary. Now with everything out of sight all she could see do is to hope a bright future. She encountered the black car parked at the shoulders of road. Suddenly someone raced before her car scaring the hell out of her. A sudden brake made her head hurt. Wishing she had fastened the seat belt, she stepped out.

It was Lou, Ray’s pug wagging his tail. Unable to handle her tears, Ria searched for him. How foolish of her to not recognise Ray’s car? He waved at her smiling but Ria sensed his eyes moistened. “I will ask someone to take your car to garage”, Ray said. “But..” She tried to talk with dying words. Ray stepped forward and asked her “What would be your home without me?”. “A nothing“, she winked. With Ray and Lou, Ria is now sure what home meant. Sitting beside the driver’s seat, “I am now sure I will survive this” Ria said to him. “We will”, Ray smiled kissing her forehead. As their car raced, through the windscreen, she saw everything bright and beautiful.


Inspired by the prompt  from Carrot Tranch – Charlie but failed to restrain the story within 99 words. Check the link out if you have a good story or in need of a great prompt.



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