Fastened hearts

As the petrichor emanates
in the darkness of deep night
With fingers knitted together
we watched lumbering clouds
Concealing sky, Drifted rain
I wished for it, you for stars
Stars? I wondered
To protect you, you said
Nothing tonight but you
will! Won’t you? I winked
Always and forever, For
you are the light of my life
You smiled and kissed
Applause in the clouds
Shimmered the firmament
Thousand splendid lanterns
Filling the sky, twinkles I see
Love in the air, rhymed your words
I owe you any, a galaxy of jades
Surmounting all, I’ll stand unswayed
Never will I leave, don’t be afraid
With you forever I have prayed!
Rain in my eyes, floated the stars
Fulfilled wishes, fastened our hearts.


Picture Courtesy :Pixabay

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