It was holiday season but she had to stay there for two more days. My job! She sighed. Through the window, nothing she did see but white. Neither ribbons nor the lights, as if the city forgot it's Christmas. A new country, she couldn't judge but sleep. Making a early wake up call to her... Continue Reading →


Twilight it is, love Welcoming me home Deserted as it, I am You failed to phone Christmas it is, bells I'll hang 'em up now Just to let you know I was here in the snow. ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy : Kat Myrman Merry Christmas to you and yours! Have the best ever! Kat's Twittering tale... Continue Reading →

Ho ho ho!

Presents and presents they did beneath the snow, Santa hid Together, together in the poles Until the doors held mistletoes Waiting, waiting to watch the city Pretty with wreaths and lights When holiday notices fly and Carol of the bells fill life Seeing snowmen guarding castle Stockings hung over the mantle Its time, their time... Continue Reading →

She, love

The flaws of her skin Longed for your hug In the folds of wrinkles She hid her tears of joy Waiting for holidays With eyes on the door She prepared to bake Your favourite cake For granny means love You got to visit her now ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy : 123rf Merry Christmas!


Reindeers pulling his sleigh Dangling the stars nearby He winked back when my Fireworks bedecked the sky ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy : Pixabay Prompt : bedeck

Christmas Glow

With stars and gifts Lighting world bright Snowmen guarding lawn With Laughter and bells Night glows tonight Dimming the dawn ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy : Pixabay

Welcome back

Those lights wrapping the trees Awaited a warm night breeze For Santa assured me, you A gift wrapped in camouflage! ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy : Pixabay


On cold flying horses we met With music and lights filling life Everything got blurred but you. ~Ponnz Prompt Three line tale, week 151 Picture Courtesy :Harpal Singh via Unsplash

A little of us

A little of me A little of you I put them in a tin of fruits Shaking and shaking they change hues As suspended tree lights do You dropped sugar into a Tin of cream White in white floating Light frosting smile I stood and slid buttered to you Whipping Love with misty flour We... Continue Reading →

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