2018, A goodbye!

Do not hurry, don’t end this I’m half way thro’ my mark Let me let me breathe I’ve just learnt to walk Tell me tell me my stories Remind me where I faltered Conceal me from the glories I don’t love to be flattered Get me get me those wide wings To fly across new... Continue Reading →

Welcome back

Those lights wrapping the trees Awaited a warm night breeze For Santa assured me, you A gift wrapped in camouflage! ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy : Pixabay


On cold flying horses we met With music and lights filling life Everything got blurred but you. ~Ponnz Prompt Three line tale, week 151 Picture Courtesy :Harpal Singh via Unsplash

Dry Petals

Within the dead dried petals of roses Inside the empty Chocolate Wrappers Each speaking of our memories glued I have shrunk and Stored past traces Secured in between my notebook pages To relive them in my seconds of solitude ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy : https://i.pinimg.com/originals


Closing my eyes In solitude aflame I hear the mountains Murmur your name Wind going tough Love to be blamed Between the valleys Playing whisper game Echoes go soft and Sweet, a lullaby in tunes With tunes only my heart Beats and syncs with you Pity! I didn't know the Rhythm of my soul and... Continue Reading →


I see my life spliting Into puzzle blocks Drifting to make patterns With patterns of nature And Repelling apart from Each other with every Significant decision I Make ; diverging from the future yet happy watching them wander Like the clouds do Concealing the sun Playing hide and seek I move them slowly Slowly and... Continue Reading →

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