Beyond the clouded lost thoughts, in melancholy deep rooted danced those lifeless nerves, unyielding surviving the screams of dark grey sky, dreams float without the gravity of her soul ~Ponnz Written for What do you see? Jan 29

Lone star

Departing feet meant nothing to her, for She a lone bright star stealing the whole night show ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy : Pixabay


From a world of white Hearts frigid, icicles prick Frozen roofs and numb trees She yearned for life drowned in colours of blissful spring warmth of newborn rays And then the door was opened Wide and bright, vibrant delight One step away, was a world of dreams, Of beach and palms Serene, rich blue and... Continue Reading →

Sick game

For all i know it was you Watching me asleep through frozen shades Familiar silhouette, obscure Standing still in darkness entrapped in my dewy eyes Fruitful lies to betray you I act sick with no other cue A desire to see how you do Chaos i sense in your breath the pain in your eyes... Continue Reading →


Echoes of my yesterdays Withers,fading out of existence in the magic your eyes stage I see the rest of my tommorows locked safe, crafting our destiny in chambers your heart hold I surrender my now and then to you, hold my pieces together With your invisible bond of love Intertwined with the chords of your... Continue Reading →

The best cook

Mitigating rising anxiety he tasted residual drops Serving meatballs skin beneath his eyes furrowed in smile, gleaming of achievement What do you taste? Intelligence! she hugged. Judgement.. ?! Hands down, You are the best cook, I can ever get dad! ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay Written for the prompts Sammi's weekend writing prompt , Word count... Continue Reading →

It spoke love

Never did I realise the power destined, the meaning hidden beneath this stained screen Of words, buried random Amidst bountiful colours Of souls scattered along the beauty phonetics held until a word something spoke everything I wanted and waited to know in A way incomparably sweet than all the worldly words put together, standing apart... Continue Reading →

Smile in flames

Thousand little words on fire of everything musing within buried at the edge of her lips Masking ashes and blood, a smile ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay

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