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I wish

I wish you knew all the million seconds I spent remembering, reliving and perfecting every word with every pause every stress each syllable draws of our five minute conversation I wish I could show how my mood switches twinkling smile that lingers with every fraction of your name I wish to show you the way... Continue Reading →

I wish to be you

You make me complete You make me bare I got nothing to do I just stare Thrashing me down You put me back on my knees Pulling me through You make my air to freeze I speak I cry I listen I shout Hundred little stories Thousand beautiful nights Between the breeze and charm I... Continue Reading →

Everything, You, my quilled love

Who hates quilling? I am in love with it since 2016. Get me some quilling material and I can sustain alone happily. The way these fragile sheets lead my imagination is fascinating. One such day is today. A work of craft is under progress, for someone special. When the mind is free and heart is... Continue Reading →

She flew away

Here is my entry for Hélène Vaillant's What do you see? at Willow Poetry of this week. She flew with everything that questioned her survival Everything that is SHE An identity, from ashes She flew away, a puzzle herself A solution so beautiful ~Ponnz

Drying Paint

At once, as the memories unfold How many shades will you hold? Into the eyes ravished with truth Heart murmuring unshaken trust I lost me Between beige and porcelain In the warmth of ivory skin with everything of our journey As your tone surface I lost me With wrappers and ribbons Canvas white, untouched Textures... Continue Reading →

Your Portrait

The paints will never merge. In those vibrant colours, gentle strokes and the texture of your skin, all I give is me. The You in Me. The memories we created. Between the shades of black, I cannot relive the past again. I don't wanna make another journey this year, living everything that made us and... Continue Reading →

Nothing new but you

In tears, escaping vapours Entangled thoughts spoke Nothing new but you What more do I hold? Sublimed, a heartbeat Eloquent, one word In miniscule flashes, A carousel, a time rewind Reminding everything I hid beneath the live embers All it took is you, the name Bringing back, a history forgotten Me, the then me You,... Continue Reading →

Nothing in a word but thanks

Between evanescent rainbows I sensed your petrichor of love A love, robust as pure nectar Making these sands of my clock Out of the regular limelight But in the gleam of my eyes You made it clear as crystal Naïve and selfless in all forms You were there, everytime There, for you meant to be... Continue Reading →

One word

"I have never yearned for words.They fail, I know.I've seen it in your eyes always, a thousand times.However, could I hear it from you? All gonna start with your one word, love. Everything! " gleamed his eyes. Yes, YES! She repeated. He knelt at her feet reaching out for her hand. ~Ponnz Character count :280... Continue Reading →

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