Book Review- The A.B.C murders by Agatha Christie

Book : The A.B.C. Murders ( #13 of Poirot series) Author: Agatha Christie Genre: Crime Fiction Rating: 3.8/5 What's in there? A homicidal maniac sends anonymous letters to our Mr. Hercule Poirot giving precise dates and daring clues to his next murder. Poirot’s grey cells is set to work on this challenging case with Captain Hastings, a... Continue Reading →


Stand by Me – Frozen

Flakes have started early to design our roads Happy had seen changes in its meaning The chill that now fills the spine is an instinct of something coming Amidst the misty allure Your silhouette I shall recognise Shallow is the impact our bond will have on me Sorry, for I will fail to feel your... Continue Reading →

Still the same

In response to Kat’s twittering tale # 112, to tell a story in 280 characters or less for this picture prompt. Their fingers got interlocked. "Jen,I presume we were 9" "When?" "The first time I held your hand,it's special" She stared. "Yes,for it's the first memory you've regained" Tears raced down. "The magic in your... Continue Reading →

Beautiful is Change

Crazy flows the river, meanders Now and then, blushed little autumn leaves happily go auburn, mislead into treasure Of shells sand disguise as Pearls, know change is to love And Beautiful is change Being predictable is lame and People can never be the same Fair is rare in life; change is Not for heart, from... Continue Reading →

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