I wish

I wish you knew all the million seconds I spent remembering, reliving and perfecting every word with every pause every stress each syllable draws of our five minute conversation I wish I could show how my mood switches twinkling smile that lingers with every fraction of your name I wish to show you the way... Continue Reading →

Drying Paint

At once, as the memories unfold How many shades will you hold? Into the eyes ravished with truth Heart murmuring unshaken trust I lost me Between beige and porcelain In the warmth of ivory skin with everything of our journey As your tone surface I lost me With wrappers and ribbons Canvas white, untouched Textures... Continue Reading →

Your Portrait

The paints will never merge. In those vibrant colours, gentle strokes and the texture of your skin, all I give is me. The You in Me. The memories we created. Between the shades of black, I cannot relive the past again. I don't wanna make another journey this year, living everything that made us and... Continue Reading →

Nothing in a word but thanks

Between evanescent rainbows I sensed your petrichor of love A love, robust as pure nectar Making these sands of my clock Out of the regular limelight But in the gleam of my eyes You made it clear as crystal Naïve and selfless in all forms You were there, everytime There, for you meant to be... Continue Reading →


Let them flow As cascades slow Soothing within Healing scars of life Don't worry them For From the weeping candles Comes the brightest light To survive the dark! ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay

My TBR list 2019 #1

My graph of the books I read is visibly increasing every year and I could sense the impact they have on me. It was 44 last year and in 2019 it must rise above 50. I make time to read. I spend time selecting my books. Author, ratings, reviews and mainly the plot give me... Continue Reading →

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