Wing Mirror

"This is going to take long, to reach the outskirts, to escape my past", Ria thought. Driving down 150 miles was not thrilling as much the uncertainty of destination. "No other go. I have to flee. A new start", she reminded herself. Stowing her luggage into the boot, she started her car. Waving her a... Continue Reading →



Bursting with colors of life stood the paintings Something else captivated his eyes and soul More rich, a book, title of which I need to know ~Ponnz photo by Beata Ratuszniak via Unsplash A fantastic prompt this time from Sonya, Three line tales - week 153.


It was holiday season but she had to stay there for two more days. My job! She sighed. Through the window, nothing she did see but white. Neither ribbons nor the lights, as if the city forgot it's Christmas. A new country, she couldn't judge but sleep. Making a early wake up call to her... Continue Reading →

Masking answers

Those eyes dewy and wide Gazed at mine and fused Million questions it did hide Answers to which I refused Not to speak but think Piercing soul in shame I see myself in mirror How long can a mask last Infront of a genuine soul? ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy : Pixabay In response to Sammi's challenge


On cold flying horses we met With music and lights filling life Everything got blurred but you. ~Ponnz Prompt Three line tale, week 151 Picture Courtesy :Harpal Singh via Unsplash

Without you

A night sky with no stars Canvas vacant and plain A needle without an eye Clues to nothing and vain A flower with no fragrance Lips seen no smile but pain A life futile with no soul My day ends without you ~Ponnz

Tune will come to you

Truth is in those eyes A treasure trove of beauty; Shades are not of sin A canvas so abstract; Wealth does not last Nothing is Forever ; Hatred is not for heart Designed for the other; Ignorance is not bliss For Everything is dust All is one and One is all Decipher it now and... Continue Reading →

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