Nothing in a word but thanks

Between evanescent rainbows I sensed your petrichor of love A love, robust as pure nectar Making these sands of my clock Out of the regular limelight But in the gleam of my eyes You made it clear as crystal Na├»ve and selfless in all forms You were there, everytime There, for you meant to be... Continue Reading →

One word

"I have never yearned for words.They fail, I know.I've seen it in your eyes always, a thousand times.However, could I hear it from you? All gonna start with your one word, love. Everything! " gleamed his eyes. Yes, YES! She repeated. He knelt at her feet reaching out for her hand. ~Ponnz Character count :280... Continue Reading →

Anything for you

Eloquent eyes, go dumb with Unwavering gaze of yours In them, I see the answers Of my life, secured in my heart be forever mine, a lifetime I owe anything for you, surrendering everything of me, to retain the sparkle in your eyes, alive. ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay

In a red rose

From silhouette to contours Anything of you, I fall for With fragrant wreaths of vows Thousand rehearsals I perform In front of you, I foresee Everything of me, collapse Dumb will I stand, awestruck Fades my dictionary, blank Into the red, I hid my words Today to speak for me Know that surviving all thorns... Continue Reading →

Teach me

Drift away drift away from me Residual echoes of him, coarse Hammering the chambers, vacant Die my desires, now and forever Haunting songs of past, monody Irrecoverable, blind me, my dreams Awaken these numb seconds Drowned now, in superfluous pain Indispensable be, the love nutured Destroy, words of promise, scarce A sequel of hope, I... Continue Reading →

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