Lone star

Departing feet meant nothing to her, for She a lone bright star stealing the whole night show ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy : Pixabay

Smile in flames

Thousand little words on fire of everything musing within buried at the edge of her lips Masking ashes and blood, a smile ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay

Mommy’s wand

Resurrecting me from dark Making my gravity stumble Her eyes twinkled with smile Who gave her this wand? ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay


Sky fading from blue to grey Ride on a wind howling lane I wonder the Nature's ferocity Blinded by smoke escaping stack ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay

Betrayed self

Burnt lucid fingers reach out the embers in the past soot In a desire to own them again But touches scar,the betrayed self. ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay


Ask me ask me what I wish I don't request as Midas did The touched needn't turn gold I wish to see them frosted, white. ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay


Searching and wandering around Alone, I sought answers for life It's when you entered my heart I saw harmony in self and world ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay

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