I wish to be you

You make me complete
You make me bare
I got nothing to do
I just stare
Thrashing me down
You put me back on my knees
Pulling me through
You make my air to freeze
I speak I cry
I listen I shout
Hundred little stories
Thousand beautiful nights
Between the breeze and charm
I become Naïve, a nothing
Into the warmth of your radiance
I melt with the stars, winking
Every single day, infront of you
I stand dumb, a mere human
Into the vastness, gravity of you
I surrender, my conscience
Engulf me into the darkness of you
Entangle me into your soul
Into my memories, you are
My love, a forever true
I wish I wish to be you
In you, a million dimensions!


Picture Courtesy :Pixabay

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