Year’s end – Calendar Haiku #14

Broken forever Expecting a start anew loops lock together Tattered skin enfolds A rude carousel of days Magical lessons Clinging paper bleed Ink tears-overthrown,outbursts A final goodbye Pounded paper shreds returns unscathed, recycled waves a warm welcome ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy - Pixabay

2018, A goodbye!

Do not hurry, don’t end this I’m half way thro’ my mark Let me let me breathe I’ve just learnt to walk Tell me tell me my stories Remind me where I faltered Conceal me from the glories I don’t love to be flattered Get me get me those wide wings To fly across new... Continue Reading →

Brightening your way

Don't worry about me I will not die in a day Through every little thing I will brighten up your way I'm the First drop of rain Racing down the face Embracing your love I'm the Sun rays escaping shades Aroma of steaming coffee Colours living in your room I'm the Sand lodging in toe... Continue Reading →

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