Fastened hearts

As the petrichor emanates in the darkness of deep night With fingers knitted together we watched lumbering clouds Concealing sky, Drifted rain I wished for it, you for stars Stars? I wondered To protect you, you said Nothing tonight but you will! Won't you? I winked Always and forever, For you are the light of... Continue Reading →


First cry

Those freaking words pondering and Inane Grown in the depths Of her mind, meant everything she needed to know timely when you feasted her ears with that assuring cry! ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay Written for the prompts FOWC RDP 3TC

Knitted Hands

Tinkling glasses Radiant moonlight Families together A splendiferous night Flickering lights Intermittent flare Eyes ravished with rapture glare Hushed words Beaming faces Applause in sky Love in the air Sharing fragrance With the roses In knitted hands Twining forever two Elegant hearts, glows An engagement ring ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay Written for Sunday writing prompt... Continue Reading →

Here with me

On a deserted beach From yellow to peach I watch sky blush Alone collecting shells Waves caressing feet Breeze welcoming me I drop them one by one With every step into sea Drowning myself Our memories only place you're alive I hear, the rhythm of your heart my name in Your voice Rushing towards shore... Continue Reading →

Grass in glass

You serve a threat In a glass of green! A green pea juice Bitter gourd shake? Smelling lemongrass I feel the need of pet A white little rat or Carrot detesting hare I meet your glare Wait!I'm risking life A quick little sip Smile on my lips A sugarcane juice Burying Wonderful Thanks rolls off!... Continue Reading →

A hopeful start

Our sun has arrived Lending immature rays A cuddling warmth With a new born breeze through the dogwood tree Lumbering along Burst the dripping dreams Witness of the waggish night Twinkling stars Embrace this dawn,a fresco art Skip those pestering thoughts Floundering past Fragrance of honey in tea Basket of mesmerising flowers My wake up... Continue Reading →

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