She flew away

Here is my entry for Hélène Vaillant's What do you see? at Willow Poetry of this week. She flew with everything that questioned her survival Everything that is SHE An identity, from ashes She flew away, a puzzle herself A solution so beautiful ~Ponnz

One word

"I have never yearned for words.They fail, I know.I've seen it in your eyes always, a thousand times.However, could I hear it from you? All gonna start with your one word, love. Everything! " gleamed his eyes. Yes, YES! She repeated. He knelt at her feet reaching out for her hand. ~Ponnz Character count :280... Continue Reading →


Her destiny swayed In between the hands of clock A labor of love Awaiting leisured sun rays Dried unrequited roses ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay A Tanka written for Tanka Tuesday prompt - synonyms of slow and work


Beyond the clouded lost thoughts, in melancholy deep rooted danced those lifeless nerves, unyielding surviving the screams of dark grey sky, dreams float without the gravity of her soul ~Ponnz Written for What do you see? Jan 29

Not this time

Star Cookies! Jen watched the making in awe. 10 for me, No, 20? Stars? All of them,Mom assured. Those hearts? Your usual, giving to me atlast,she smiled. Not this time. I'm home. A voice came. Dad! Jen screamed. Military holidays baby,he winked.They stood hugging each other. ~Ponnz Character count :271 Written for Kat's Twittering tale... Continue Reading →


Silent Frigid embers Shattered by wild tempest Preserved stories of yesteryear Intact ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy : Pixabay A Cinquain written for Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge with synonyms of cold and storm

Song of love

Dancing coffee steams Gentle light of dozing sun Escorted his way along With her eyes and heart A love unrequited, at once A tommorow she longed for To feel again, song of love in the tunes of her heart ~Ponnz Character count :195 Picture Courtesy : Pexels Written for Kat's Twittering tale #120


From a world of white Hearts frigid, icicles prick Frozen roofs and numb trees She yearned for life drowned in colours of blissful spring warmth of newborn rays And then the door was opened Wide and bright, vibrant delight One step away, was a world of dreams, Of beach and palms Serene, rich blue and... Continue Reading →

The best cook

Mitigating rising anxiety he tasted residual drops Serving meatballs skin beneath his eyes furrowed in smile, gleaming of achievement What do you taste? Intelligence! she hugged. Judgement.. ?! Hands down, You are the best cook, I can ever get dad! ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay Written for the prompts Sammi's weekend writing prompt , Word count... Continue Reading →


Like her soul in love dying embers of wood hid stories, ashes of fall Awaiting dawn, she froze Fiddled by evening breeze sustained smolders of past lit her lifeless eyes, tears race Spreading warmth to twilight. ~Ponnz Character count- 203 Picture Courtesy :Pixabay Written for Kat's Twittering tale #119

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