Book review – I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh

Book : I let you go Author: Clare Mackintosh Genre: Psychological Fiction Rating: 3.9/5 What's in there ? A hit and run – dead five-year-old -a family devastated A beautiful love- hectic marriage- domestic assault- miscarriage- fear of possession A true love – dog and beach- art and photography- a life complete A family of four-... Continue Reading →

My TBR list 2019 #1

My graph of the books I read is visibly increasing every year and I could sense the impact they have on me. It was 44 last year and in 2019 it must rise above 50. I make time to read. I spend time selecting my books. Author, ratings, reviews and mainly the plot give me... Continue Reading →

Book Review – Exit West by Mohsin Hamid

Book : Exit West Author: Mohsin Hamid Genre: Fiction - Politics , magic realism Rating: 4/5What’s in there? In an unnamed middle eastern city where civil war is expected every other minute,two young people get to know each other and find themselves in a premature and furtive love affair. With roads turning into battle ground and bombs entering... Continue Reading →

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