Edges of soul

In the serenity of darkness Alone the broken stars guard Deceived by moon, comes A monody through breeze Pitching a bereaved soul In grief of nothingness Filling tears of desolation Unaware of those eyes Watching in silence with Aflamed thoughts scrawling At the edges of soul, her pen Hoping to light up the night! ~Ponnz... Continue Reading →


Smile in flames

Thousand little words on fire of everything musing within buried at the edge of her lips Masking ashes and blood, a smile ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay

Fastened hearts

As the petrichor emanates in the darkness of deep night With fingers knitted together we watched lumbering clouds Concealing sky, Drifted rain I wished for it, you for stars Stars? I wondered To protect you, you said Nothing tonight but you will! Won't you? I winked Always and forever, For you are the light of... Continue Reading →

My shadow in your way

With the departure,you gift me,this inane fear of insecurity This can never last I say Pulling me apart from you Betraying the soul of peace Hard I stand as a rock may Arid it feels with chronic pain Of transformed blood,a venom Feeble and dull, the heart stay Pumping the grief to nerves Detached to... Continue Reading →

Mirage of death

In a maze you wake up one day threatening life in trillion quest Running around to no return Losing solitude to loneliness You try to escape this,a puzzle Afraid of the nothingness, cry Never it did end as it seem, seek Forever the hallucination remain Accustomed to the comfort of it You pray for lasting... Continue Reading →

First cry

Those freaking words pondering and Inane Grown in the depths Of her mind, meant everything she needed to know timely when you feasted her ears with that assuring cry! ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay Written for the prompts FOWC RDP 3TC


Let them flow As cascades slow Soothing within Healing scars of life Don't worry them For From the weeping candles Comes the brightest light To survive the dark! ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay

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