Nothing in a word but thanks

Between evanescent rainbows I sensed your petrichor of love A love, robust as pure nectar Making these sands of my clock Out of the regular limelight But in the gleam of my eyes You made it clear as crystal Naïve and selfless in all forms You were there, everytime There, for you meant to be... Continue Reading →


The Mystery Blogger Award- Thank You Crushed Caramel

This weekend didn't go as expected. Travelling back to back I ended up getting sick.  With festive next week this soreness will vanish. Yeah! It's Pongal holidays for a week and I gotta practice Rangolis. Family time! For now , I have this wonderful post which I enjoyed drafting. Woo-hoo! My first Mystery Blogger award! Thanks... Continue Reading →


Let them flow As cascades slow Soothing within Healing scars of life Don't worry them For From the weeping candles Comes the brightest light To survive the dark! ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay

Traces #1 – Coddler of my soul

The darkened clouds and the rainbow hues thrived hundred lightnings. The weather gave a different feel that year. A year that is remarkable to me for two reasons. One, it was when I entered my college days. Two, it marked a great transition in me. A crowd of enthusiastic minds at late teens assembled together... Continue Reading →

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