The Mystery Blogger Award- Thank You Crushed Caramel

This weekend didn't go as expected. Travelling back to back I ended up getting sick.  With festive next week this soreness will vanish. Yeah! It's Pongal holidays for a week and I gotta practice Rangolis. Family time! For now , I have this wonderful post which I enjoyed drafting. Woo-hoo! My first Mystery Blogger award! Thanks... Continue Reading →



Let them flow As cascades slow Soothing within Healing scars of life Don't worry them For From the weeping candles Comes the brightest light To survive the dark! ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay

Traces #1 – Coddler of my soul

The darkened clouds and the rainbow hues thrived hundred lightnings. The weather gave a different feel that year. A year that is remarkable to me for two reasons. One, it was when I entered my college days. Two, it marked a great transition in me. A crowd of enthusiastic minds at late teens assembled together... Continue Reading →

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