Nothing in a word but thanks

Between evanescent rainbows I sensed your petrichor of love A love, robust as pure nectar Making these sands of my clock Out of the regular limelight But in the gleam of my eyes You made it clear as crystal Na├»ve and selfless in all forms You were there, everytime There, for you meant to be... Continue Reading →

Teach me

Drift away drift away from me Residual echoes of him, coarse Hammering the chambers, vacant Die my desires, now and forever Haunting songs of past, monody Irrecoverable, blind me, my dreams Awaken these numb seconds Drowned now, in superfluous pain Indispensable be, the love nutured Destroy, words of promise, scarce A sequel of hope, I... Continue Reading →


Silent Frigid embers Shattered by wild tempest Preserved stories of yesteryear Intact ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy : Pixabay A Cinquain written for Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge with synonyms of cold and storm

Song of love

Dancing coffee steams Gentle light of dozing sun Escorted his way along With her eyes and heart A love unrequited, at once A tommorow she longed for To feel again, song of love in the tunes of her heart ~Ponnz Character count :195 Picture Courtesy : Pexels Written for Kat's Twittering tale #120


From a world of white Hearts frigid, icicles prick Frozen roofs and numb trees She yearned for life drowned in colours of blissful spring warmth of newborn rays And then the door was opened Wide and bright, vibrant delight One step away, was a world of dreams, Of beach and palms Serene, rich blue and... Continue Reading →

A prequel

Those warming rays of sun Soothing dew laden winds Cordial applause of birds Speak familiar to me today Not an usual day but special I knew at once, my instinct Something of us, i reminisce Nothing more from mind whirls Searching our past traces I stumble at the sight of you Dreaming to me is... Continue Reading →

It spoke love

Never did I realise the power destined, the meaning hidden beneath this stained screen Of words, buried random Amidst bountiful colours Of souls scattered along the beauty phonetics held until a word something spoke everything I wanted and waited to know in A way incomparably sweet than all the worldly words put together, standing apart... Continue Reading →

Edges of soul

In the serenity of darkness Alone the broken stars guard Deceived by moon, comes A monody through breeze Pitching a bereaved soul In grief of nothingness Filling tears of desolation Unaware of those eyes Watching in silence with Aflamed thoughts scrawling At the edges of soul, her pen Hoping to light up the night! ~Ponnz... Continue Reading →

Smile in flames

Thousand little words on fire of everything musing within buried at the edge of her lips Masking ashes and blood, a smile ~Ponnz Picture Courtesy :Pixabay

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